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Threonine: Richest Foods (per 100g)

Threonine is an Essential Amino Acid.
An Essential Amino Acid cannot be synthesized by the organism and therefore must be supplied in the diet.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per 100g)
Top Threonine Rich Foods
330%3gspirulina (100g)
306%2.8gdried and salted scrod (100g)
181%1.6gskimmed milk (dry) (100g)
179%1.6gveal cutlets (100g)
175%1.6gturkey light meat (100g)
170%1.5groasted turkey (100g)
170%1.5gsoybean kernels (100g)
170%1.5gcubed veal (100g)
167%1.5gturkey leg (100g)
167%1.5gpork, cured, bacon, broiled, pan-fried or roasted (100g)
164%1.5gchorizo, pork and beef (100g)
162%1.5gcheese, parmesan, grated (100g)
161%1.4gdried dulse (100g)
158%1.4gdeer (100g)
155%1.4gcuttlefish (100g)
155%1.4glean-veal (100g)
152%1.4gsmoked sturgeon (100g)
152%1.4gveal shoulder (100g)
151%1.4gstewed rabbit (100g)
148%1.3gboar (100g)
146%1.3galbacore tuna (100g)
146%1.3gtuna (100g)
145%1.3ghard roe (100g)
144%1.3groasted rabbit (100g)
144%1.3gbeef rib (100g)
143%1.3ggoat (100g)
143%1.3gfried chicken flesh (100g)
143%1.3gveal heart (100g)
143%1.3goctopus (100g)
142%1.3gunsalted canned tuna (100g)
141%1.3ganchovy, european, canned with olive oil, drain... (100g)
140%1.3gcaviar, black and red, granular (100g)
140%1.3ghorse (100g)
139%1.3gcanned red salmon (100g)
137%1.2gpork loin (100g)
136%1.2groasted chicken flesh (100g)
135%1.2gbeef liver (100g)
135%1.2glamb leg (100g)
134%1.2glamb, american, composite cuts, lean, cooked (100g)
134%1.2gcubed lamb (100g)
134%1.2groasted chicken fillet (100g)
133%1.2gveal kidney (100g)
133%1.2groasted capon (100g)
133%1.2gpork leg (100g)
133%1.2gred salmon (100g)
132%1.2gdry whole milk (100g)
131%1.2gluncheon meat, beef, thin sliced (100g)
131%1.2glamb heart (100g)
130%1.2ghalibut (100g)
130%1.2gtrout (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Threonine Rich Foods
204%1.8gsoybean kernels (250ml)
179%1.6gveal cutlets (100g)
175%1.6gturkey light meat (100g)
168%1.5gdried and salted scrod (55g)
158%1.4gdeer (100g)
155%1.4gcuttlefish (100g)
154%1.4gpheasant leg (125g)
151%1.4gstewed rabbit (100g)
148%1.3gboar (100g)
146%1.3galbacore tuna (100g)
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